Hyro Dust Suppression

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Dust & Erosion Control

Tough regulations covering dust and sediment run off now apply to all building sites, sub divisions and other civil construction projects. Hydro Dust Suppression is an option to address these challenges with many different products available to cater for specific environmental requirements in a cost effective and fast application process.



Hydro Dust Suppression is spray application of polymer mixed in water to ground surfaces to form crust or make fine particles large & heavy enough that they won’t blow away or run off.



  • Cost effective and efficient dust control.
  • Reduce the need for continuous water applications.
  • Reduce water consumption.
  • Reduced dust exposure for humans, animals and vegetation/crops.
  • Non-toxic, bio degradable and environmentally friendly polymer products available.



  • Construction & Building sites
  • Residential Sub Divisions Developments
  • Road Construction, swales, culverts & batters
  • Storm water basins & wet lands
  • Buffer Strips.