Hydroseeding Native Revegetation

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Hydroseed Native Revegetation


Hydroseeding or hydromulching using native seeds is a cost effective, efficient and sustainable solution for site rehabilitation, combating soil erosion, suppressing dust, and ensuring continued natural growth for your site.

Native seed, is a seed that is local to a specified area or region and is acclimatized to its natural habitat. 

Native grasses are slow growers and the seed can be viable and is able to germinate over a 6-12 month period. 


  • Restores ecosystem to natural state, that is sustainable and true to the goal of the site rehabilitation. 
  • Reduced water & fertiliser requirements for landscaping.
  • Native grasses can hold the fresh and unstable soil together.
  • Despite Australia‚Äôs harshest conditions, native seed mix perform better than introduced species.
  • Stabilise areas after large fires to prevent mudslides, manage storm water pollution due to ash, silt and sediment and protect environmentally sensitive areas.   


  • Road side revegetation projects.
  • Embankments, batters and hillside stabilisation post fires.
  • Mine site rehabilitation
  • Restoration of Australian grasslands for local and state government projects, such as park lands, reserves and wet lands.