Hydroseeding Rapid Lawn Solutions

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Hydroseeding Rapid Lawns Solutions is a cost-effective method to spray out new lawns for residential, commercial applications and sporting grounds.

Hydroseeding involves spraying grass seed, fertiliser, mulch, tackafire bonding agent and water in one application. The seed is given the best possible opportunity to germinate and grow because the added mulch fibres retain water to keep the seed moist, preventing wind and soil erosion. This type of application maintains a constant soil temperature ideal for rapid grass growth. Depending on your application we can offer a range of products, such as soluble fertiliser, water retention additives, clay breakers and soil conditioners.

Germination time will depend on the weather, the time of year, the amount of water applied post Hydroseed spraying, soil type and terrain. Usually in 7-10 days, after Hydroseeding application, the seed will germinate. It’s growth rate is dependent upon the weather and watering regime.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Residential
  • Civil and commercial lawns
  • Native revegetation & rehabilitation projects
  • Parks and Council work
  • Sporting Fields: golf courses, bowling greens, ovals & school grounds
  • Embankment stabilisation for road sides or after earth works

Benefits of Hydroseeding:

  • Low cost and more affordable than turf
  • Fast germination & establishment of rapid seed growth
  • Efficient application coverage
  • Higher percentage of germination
  • Reduced wind & water erosion
  • Ideal on steep slopes or other difficult to access areas
  • Dust suppression
  • Reduced bird attack

Grass Varieties Available:

The seed mix can be specifically blended to match each customer’s specific requirements. We can advise on an appropriate seed blend to suit your soil type, climate, amount of sun/shade, the terrain and traffic of people, children or pets.

  • American Spyder (Tall Fescue)
  • Kikuyu
  • Couch
  • Ryegrass
  • Native seeds

Mulch Product:

  • Cellulous Fibre (Recycled paper)
  • Straw
  • Wood fibres

Hydrosseding Care Post Application:

  • Proper watering is essential for even germination on your new lawn. Dependent on the weather we will suggest a watering schedule to initially get your lawn started, 1-2 watering per day until first strike.
  • When watering, make sure entire area is covered evenly. Don’t create pools or rivers of water.
  • In the Summer months, we recommend watering 1-2 times per day, in the mornings and evenings. Always water dry spots heavily.
  • In the Winter months, we recommend that you water 1-2 times per day, depending on rainfall.
  • If an automatic sprinkler system installed, water 3 times a day at 15 minute intervals.
  • If you are hand watering, it’s important to get even coverage.
  • Once seed has germinated, watering can be reduced to once daily.
  • Once the grass blades are 7-10cm tall you can mow your lawn. Only remove the top 3cm for the first few cuttings. Never remove more than a 1/3 of the height of your lawn in one mowing. Do not mow the lawn below 5cm tall during summer to avoid burn-off.
  • Do not turn sharply on newly seeded lawns as sharp turns could pull grass roots out.
  • Remove clippings each time you mow, especially on new lawns as they inhibit kikuyu growth & closing up.
  • During the Hydroseed application, a fertiliser has been spread in the seed mix, so no further fertiliser is required until the lawn is 4-5 weeks old depending on the soil quality & watering schedule. Fertilising will ensure that your lawn stays lush and green. If your lawn begins to get lighter in colour or “lime” green, you need to fertilise. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure appropriate nutrients are applied for the conditions.
  • You may have weeds come up right along with your seedlings. This is normal, as most topsoils already contain weed seedlings. Do not apply herbicides before the third mowing. Take a sample of the weed into your local nursery. They will recommend appropriate herbicides. Be sure to tell them that you have a newly Hydroseeded lawn.


  • All pricing is based on square meter quantity, location & product requirements.